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BWD makes the safety of your staff, your patients and the environment our primary focus. In addition, we promise to provide our customers with the most competitive prices the industry has to offer.

The BWD Advantage

We combine superior customer service with a wide range of fully integrated solutions to provide you with the best value in the industry. Whatever your schedule and your budget, our team will work closely with you to meet your business goals and needs. Bottom line, we’re available when you need us and on your schedule!

Biohazard Waste Disposal

Biomedical Waste Disposal collects, transports and disposes of biohazardous waste.

Sharps Disposal

Biomedical Waste Disposal safely disposes of syringes, needles, vials, and other sharps. 

Chemical Waste Disposal

BWD removes hazardous and nonhazardous materials and complies with environmental regulations.

Container Replacement

Biomedical Waste Disposal offers specially-designed, convenient reusable sharps containers.

Pharmaceuticals Disposal

BWD collects, transports and disposes of  both controlled and uncontrolled substances.

Document Recycling

Biomedical Waste Disposal offers a secure and cost-effective way to dispose of confidential documents.

BWD Advantage Features

  • Flexible service(s)
  • No long-term contracts
  • No hidden charges
  • Responsive and attentive staff
  • Industry leading products that meet the highest standards

Sharps Waste Solutions

Considered as hazardous healthcare risk waste, sharps refer to items that could puncture or cut, such as needles, blades, knives, broken glass, saws, amino hooks etc. and should be disposed of in the appropriate sharps container.

Colour-coded, SANS aligned and SABS / UN approved, they come in both reusable and single use, varying in size depending on the volume of sharps waste generated on site.

  • Brackets are available to fix the sharps containers to walls and trolleys
  • Single-use containers do not contain PVC

Sharps single use

  • Round and rectangular containers available to suit requirements
  • Rigid and puncture proof
  • Fill line indicating when the container is 3/4 full

Infectious Waste Solutions

The single use box sets and reusable box sets are used to contain infectious materials that could transmit infectious agents such as gloves, bandages, dressings and swabs.

All box sets must be lined with a red bag then sealed once 3/4 full.

Infectious waste forms the largest component of healthcare risk waste generated in a healthcare facility.

Infectious single use

  • Colour-coded, SANS aligned and SABS / UN approved
  • Biohazardous tape required to seal the box set once full
  • Available in various sizes dependent on needs and volumes of waste generated

Cytoxic Waste Solutions

Cytotoxic waste is extremely hazardous and can only be treated via incineration.

Cytotoxic medications are known to be highly toxic to cells, mainly through their action on cell reproduction. Cytotoxic waste includes any residual cytotoxic medication that remains following patient treatment and any materials or equipment potentially contaminated by cytotoxics such as unused cytotoxic pharmaceuticals, sharps, syringes, IV drip sets, ampoules, vials, gloves etc. It may sometimes also include vomit, urine or faeces from patients treated with cytotoxic medicine.

Cytotoxic waste is to be placed into single use sharps containers and pharmaceutical containers. A barcoded cytotoxic sticker placed thereon.

  • Unique barcoded numbers are provided for tracking and traceability
  • Containers are SANS aligned, SABS / UN tested and approved
  • Single use containers do not contain PVC
  • Separate barcoded cytotoxic sticker for identification of the waste stream

Pharmaceutical Waste Solutions

Disposal of expired, unused, spilled and contaminated pharmaceutical products must be separated for disposal by their allocated schedules and further separated into their six types.

Schedules 5 & 6 require special authorisation from Law Enforcement prior to collection treatment and disposal.

  • Unique barcoded numbers are provided for tracking and traceability
  • Separate barcoded schedule 5 & 6 stickers for identification and tracking
  • Containers are SANS aligned, SABS / UN tested and approved
  • Available in various sizes dependent on needs and volume of waste generated

Trusted By Thousands Of Customers

"Savings. Biomedical waste disposal was able to drastically reduce our waste management bill (more than 20%) with no loss of capacity, frequency or customer service. Personally, I feel a great relief each month knowing we are no longer overpaying thanks to BWD."

Monica B.

Edmonton, AB

"We contacted BWD and asked them if they could address the needs of our dental office, which has a significant adjustment for seasonal volume. Our previous provider would hit us with steep fees during the busy months. With BWDwe now have level, consistent pricing… thank you!"

Amanda G.

Spruce Grove, AB

"We switched to BWD because the customer service from our previous provider was incredibly frustrating. To say it was a night and day difference is an understatement. After 1 year with BWD we have not had a single unexpected charge that was not resolved within a business day"

Dr. Miller

Edmonton, AB

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