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With BWD, it is possible to obtain a Biohazardous Waste pick up service provider at affordable rates. 


Compliance with the City of Edmonton and Federal laws governing the disposal of medical waste. We comply 100%


BWD pays special attention to customer service and scheduling to ensure your facility gets the attention it deserves.

You are responsible for all of your waste until it is destroyed, even once it leaves your facility. This is why it is so important to work with a company with a proven track record when it comes to disposing of medical waste. BWD is a company you can trust with the experience and knowledge to ensure that your waste is handled correctly.

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Correct containerisation is a vital practice when it comes to healthcare risk waste management. Not only do you want a service that provides the right solution, you want a comprehensive range of products that comply with all necessary regulations.

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Savings. Biomedical waste disposal was able to drastically reduce our waste management bill (more than 20%) with no loss of capacity, frequency or customer service. Personally, I feel a great relief each month knowing we are no longer overpaying thanks to BWD.

Monica B.

Edmonton, AB

We contacted BWD and asked them if they could address the needs of our dental office, which has a significant adjustment for seasonal volume. Our previous provider would hit us with steep fees during the busy months. With BWDwe now have level, consistent pricing… thank you!

Amanda G.

Spruce Grove, AB

We switched to BWD because the customer service from our previous provider was incredibly frustrating. To say it was a night and day difference is an understatement. After 1 year with BWD we have not had a single unexpected charge that was not resolved within a business day

Dr. Miller

Edmonton, AB

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